I purchased a CPX-1, then sent it in for the upgrades. I can’t say enough about your customer service, they are friendly and very helpful. I figure a wise man will always look towards the SCCY for that bright star. I am currently saving for the CPX-3. Thanks Mr. Roebuck and your team for helping the working man.


I just wanted to say what a great Customer Service and Warranty Policy you have at SCCY. I bought my used CPX-2 and took it out for the first time. It jammed. I called on a Friday and Customer Service emailed me a return shipping label and warranty information. I shipped it out that Saturday, It was received on Monday, repaired and shipped back out to me on Tuesday. I received my pistol on Thursday and went to the range on Saturday. I shot 80 rounds and no problems. Customer Service and the Warranty are second to none. Thank you again for the outstanding service. SCCY has a lifetime customer.


I want to thank you for excellent repairs to my CPX-1.  I just received my CPX-1 back in the mail today after I mailed it to you just 10 days ago.  You restored my lost faith in companies not doing what the say they are going to do and trying to get out of honoring warranties.

The exterior safety on my CPX-1 broke and I was wanting to do some upgrades.  I had no problem and was expecting to pay for the upgrades.  However, to my pleasant surprise all the repairs, upgrades and shipping of my CPX-1 back to me was free.  I highly recommend SCCY to any one looking for a high quality firearm at a reasonable price and for the no hassle lifetime warranty, which SCCY unquestionably honors.  Thank you SCCY.


Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you guys for awesome customer service.  I was an idiot and broke my takedown pin.  I sent an email to the service department asking if you could just send me a new one instead of me sending the weapon in for a $7 part.  True to your word, the service rep didn’t even ask questions.  She simply asked for my shipping information and the part arrived 4 business days later.  Looking forward to putting some rounds down range.  Thanks!!!


Just a note of thanks for a fine product.  I am a medically retired police supervisor with 30 years on the job.  I have never been a “gun guy” or a great shooter, thus the reason I carried a Glock for a great portion of my career…it was safe, easy to use and maintain, and it helped compensate a bit for my lack of shooting skill.  I recently decided that being armed in this ever more violent world in which we live is a good idea so I began my research.  Your CPX-2 seemed to fit the bill for me.  From the moment I got the gun to the first time I shot it at the range I was impressed, and actually really enjoyed shooting again.  In fact, I have been impressed enough that not only did I post a picture of my gun on my Facebook page, but I decided to sit down and write you my first fan letter for a product.  Not only am I impressed by your product, but just as importantly I have been impressed by your quality driven work and customer focused corporate attitude…well done my friends! Peace be with you.


Just wanted to say you have an amazing product that is second to none! I love my CPX-2 right out of the box. Looks and function are great, when at the range, it makes people stop and look and  question me about this. I have many other firearms to choose from, but this is and has been my edc. I have fired well over 1,000 rounds of all types of ammo with zero malfunctions. I could go on and on, but just wanted to reach out and say thanks and will follow you guys for years to come. Thanks.


I wanted to send a note about a self-defense weapon that was introduced to me by my late father-in-law. It’s called the SCCY 9mm semi auto pistol. This firearm has not given me one reason to ever doubt that when the time comes that I should need to protect my family or others, this pistol will do just what I need it to. I have had to replace one part on my pistol and SCCY industry mailed out the replacement part to me in less than four days. Plus they sent a new box and trigger lock at no charge. I now own two SCCY 9mms and I carry them every day. My wife and I will be buying more. “She found out she could get one in pink”. The pistol is small enough to be hidden in a pocket but packs one hell of a punch. My old SCCY has over 2000 rounds through it and it still fires as good as the day I got it. My experience with the customer service department far exceeded my expectations.




Thank you, Danice. You are super awesome and helpful. I honestly hope your boss knows this and gives you generous raises. I am looking forward to getting it. Thank you so much, I am very satisfied with your exceptional customer service. I truly wish every company had someone like you, customers would much more likely be lifelong customers. Its people like you who make a company look good. If I had my own, I would try to hire you for sure. I would gladly forward this to your supervisor as you are an asset to SCCY without a doubt. Because of this experience, i look forward to the next model from SCCY.  Thanks Danice

Troy S.

Thanks, Danice…you really understand the concept of outstanding service!

Gina B.

As a personal policy, I do NOT usually “advertise” for companies; however, I am pleased to make a singular exception with SCCY for a threefold reason:
1- The product, proudly made in America, combines superb quality without a cost-prohibitive pricetag. Yet the appearance, and feel of weapon and its accessories belie lower pricetag…a pleasant dichotomy!!!
2- Warranty is attached to lifetime of product itself vis a vis limitation referential to original owner. As the original owner of your SKKY CPX 1, serial #661….my father recently inquired about obtaining a new firing pin, as it was broken; lo & behold, your company replaced the entire weapon itself with a new model, allowing him to select color finish and choose between CPX 1 and 2…all at no charge.
3- Performance…..extraordinary. En route home from your factory, we stopped at our local range to test this new weapon, and compare it to several other manufacturers, models etc.
Aside from being a longer stretch for my diminutive hands to trigger pull, I found the overall function equal to, or superior in smoothness and recoil. Better ejection than Ruger model, and more accurate than my Taurus.
The ONLY slight issue is the amount of force needed to load the 10 round clips…had to employ the tool I normally use to aid loading .45 clips…worth noting, not a detraction.

The performance of your product was surprisingly superior to many other manufacturers. ….yet the performance, courtesy and ‘hi-caliber’ professionalism of the employees we dealt with both in dialogue on the phone, and in person at your factory was unequivocally exceptional.

We received two keychains, pens, hats and one automotive plate displaying your company logo. Since I won the marksmanship competition on the range with your CPX-1, I was awarded the auto plate….which I am happy to display in public; and when solicted, am more than glad to disseminate our esteemed opinions and experiences with your company and its product, respectively.

Once per month, I attend a statewide venue for Harley-Davidson customers….quarterly, I attend international conventions for amatuer radio operators and civil defense…in addition to a plethora of similar events. I ardently hope I will find many opportunities to share the facts of our experience and satisfaction with SCCY amongst family & friends in law enforcement, the above mentioned venues and general public en masse. I firmly believe SCCY is a valuable asset to Florida, and a credit to the core values of patriotism in its purest distillation. As a citizen of the greatest country in the world, I extend to you all at SCCY my appreciation for your products, your service and the standards of excellence evinced in both.



Thank you so much for your time and attentiveness, today.  I truly enjoyed talking with you the first time we spoke, briefly, back in Feb., but now that I’ve ascertained you’re tolerant of all of my extremely childish and silly behavior, I’ll enjoy it even more in the future (“Oh, boy”, she says… lol…).

Since I failed to enclose the Service/Warranty Info sheet, I’m sending this email as a “backup” to our great conversation.  Of course, you have made notes of the items needing attention during our phone conversation, and (except for the “loose” takedown pin) they’re on the letter I enclosed to Jason, which I want you to read, too, of course.  (Also, please tell Jason that regarding the hard-to-predict FTE (“extract” or “eject”, not sure sometimes), I’m thinking that my change to the Hornady 124 gr. XTP (JHP) bullet style (truncated conical) may improve that glitch, some, but as I told you, I’ve only fired 5 of them, so I’ll have to report back on that, later.  But please check cycling anyway, plus of course the hairline fractures at rear frame pin holes, and “sort-of” loose takedown pin.

You’re THE asset in Customer Service, there, no doubt.  Thank you for your “hand of friendship”, and for your huge efforts of providing exemplary service in relation to the CPX2, for which I’m an advocate.

Rene R.

Since receiving the CPX-2 I’ve had a chance to put it it in the hands of about 25 people of all different shooting backgrounds. I’ve begun to describe the gun as a conceal carry, semi-auto with a double action revolver trigger. When I describe it that way, people who shoot all the time love it that much faster. People who never or seldom shoot snug up to it quickly! With proper fundamentals, Everybody groups tight at 0 to 15 yards. Experienced shooters group better than they thought at 20 to 25 yards.

The best part of everyone shooting is always when I’m asked ‘How much is one of these guns?’

After seeing there expression after telling them the MSRP, I’m seriously thinking about becoming an SCCY dealer. If I had some on hand, I would have sold them all by now.

Keep up the good work producing an affordable tack-driver. As for me, it’s my carry now! And like the business I teach for, with the gun on my hip I ‘Carry With Confidence’!!

Kevin S.

I would like to say thanks for the help. I am an FFL in Orlando and a client came to me this morning with an issue with his new SCCY. He went to the range for the first time and had some issues with it.  I called you and you offered to have it shipped to fix.  My client decided to drive the hour to your location to help speed up the process.  Once getting there it was close to your service peoples lunch time but they helped him and they replaced the trigger barrel and guide rod and test fired it and had it back to him in under a half hour.  This was the clients first gun he has ever owned and your service has helped both your standing and mine as a dealer. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for all the support.

Ed C. – Kansas

Finally got some ammo to take my CPX-1 out to shoot last week. My wife and I went to a friend’s farm to shoot some and I had several other guns with me for my friend’s wife to try out for home defense. Her husband leaves later this month for a job out-of-state.

I really liked the feel and handling of the CPX-1. The sights were easy to line up on target and i found the gun to be pretty good for “point and shoot” as well. We ran close to a hundred rounds thru it with no hick-ups. We fed it both brass and aluminum cased ammo, jacketed round nose and hollow points.

I also had on hand a Glock 19 for my friends to try. Because of the Weight and Balance, the sights, ease of aiming, and the external manual safety my friends are going to be buying their own CPX-1 in the near future.

I have to be honest, with the price of this gun, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured if I didn’t like it I could always sell it at no loss. THIS IS NOT A “CHEAP” GUN. You folks produce a great gun at low cost to the buyer.

Thank you.

Richard N. – Naples, FL

I received my CPX-2 back today after requesting some change to the slide release and trigger. I cannot emphasize how strongly I feel about you company.

It should be held up as a model for other companies to follow. From speaking to the people at customer service to the gunsmith that worked on my weapon the service is outstanding. Your management should be very proud of its employees.

Thank you very much.

Tom B. – Bonne Terre, MO

I recently had my SCCY CPX-2 (serial #063275) repaired and returned and I feel I needed to send you an after fire update as well as some other comments about your company and products.
After firing about 60 rounds through it my CPX-2 is ejecting shells out to the right each time, problem fixed, thank you.
About a year ago I purchased this gun and it was the price, looks, round capacity, and conceal-ability that sold me. I had read all of the horror stories on the WEB about the SCCY company and their CPX handguns and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised the first time I shot it. After nearly 150 rounds through it I had only one jam (the fifth round fired). Other than the ejected casings coming back over my head instead of to the right I had no problems with this gun. The accuracy at 25 feet was very good. For the price I would match this gun up to many of its higher priced competitors in quality and accuracy. (For me it shot as close and accurate a pattern as I was able to do with the Taurus 24/7 and much better than than I was able to do with the Ruger LC9) I have fired nearly 1000 rounds through this CPX-2 and I cannot find any obvious cracks or fatigue anywhere.
I recently saw a CPX-1 for sale in a local sporting goods store and could not pass it up. After firing about 250 rounds through it I have found the same close and accurate pattern as I have with my CPX-2. Also I had no problem with the external safety that so many of the bloggers write about on the WEB.
I would also like to comment on your lifetime warranty. When I looked into sending this gun back to you for repair I was told to just ship it to you and it would be repaired and shipped back to me. It sounded simple enough, until I looked into shipping it. The Federal regulations for a non FFL owner to ship a gun was a shocker for me. I found that to ship this gun to Florida either by UPS or FedX (the only carriers allowed for non FFL gun owners) it would cost about $90. For me to spend $90 to send a gun back for repair that only cost me about $275 was something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. I contacted the FFL shop owner where I purchased it and asked if there was some way to ship that would not cost a third of what I purchased the gun for in the first place. He made a call to SCCY and then called to say that if I would get the gun to him there would be no shipping charges, thank you SCCY. I do not know how any manufacturer could have any better warranty than you do at SCCY.
I have nothing but good things to say about the SCCY company and the CPX-1 and 2. I have recommended them to everyone I talk to.
I have nothing but good things to say about SCCY and its products.

Don W. – Tinstar Guns, MO

Okay, I read the testimonial that was posted on your home page. I was impressed with the wording and the statistics and the gentleman giving it. He obviously knows his SCCY pretty well. In fact, I offer no disagreement with him whatsoever. But , let me give you my take of the same weapon.

First, I’m ex-law enforcement of about 35 years or so. I was a Deputy in a rural county in Missouri with over 935 square miles to cover. At any given time there were only one or two deputies to perform this feat. Nearest backup was sometimes and usually at least 20-30 minutes away. No, I’m not bragging, it’s just that pistols are my passion and as a deputy, I grew to love them more and more. Back then, revolvers were the thing, semi-auto’s were unimproved and the thoughts were they would jam in a situation…and they would. Once I retired, the market became flooded with semi autos and I began trying them out. Wow, many didn’t jam. I was impressed. I got my FFL and began selling and buying them. This was the cheapest way for me to try several different ones and see what I liked and didn’t like. I also went to school and got my Carry Conceal Weapon (CCW) instructor’s rating as well as a Range Safety Officer (RSO). So, in addition to selling, buying and trading, I also teach CCW classes. Although I teach big is better in a handgun for self protection, many people can’t handle larger calibers. If you get into the habit of flinching, the odds of you stopping a perpetrator is somewhat shaky. A 9mm is a good all around gun for home protection and will suit many men and women alike with the little recoil penetration and good accuracy. Especially with the modern ammunition offered in today’s market.

Okay, enough said about that. Concerning the SCCY. This is a light-weight, good handling, great feeling gun that is extremely accurate for its size and barrel length. I like the fact that is has a steel guide rod and smooth trigger. I am not a fan of a double action auto, however, the SCCY is one I can live with and is really pretty impressive compared to other brands equivalent to it in price. It is also safer to carry compared to a lot of single action autos as to the fact you do not have to carry it cocked and locked. When seconds count – and they do if you are protecting yourself in a situation – the SCCY has 2nd strike capability. Many autos don’t. This simply means it will function and shoot without the magazine engaged. In a gun battle, statistics show that usually 1.8 rounds are fired. This means that whoever draws and clears leather first wins if he hits his mark. If someone is coming at you and you are changing magazines out for a full one and you still have one in the chamber without the mag, you still have one shot. In a bad situation, this is much better than no shot.

If these reasons aren’t enough, I would buy the SCCY because it is made in the USA. If you call them, you get to talk to a real live person that won’t give you a run around if you have a problem. They direct your call and you get immediate results. They actually honor their warranty. I’ve had factories that have quoted me up to $40 per hour to fix their broken gun that I received that way from their factory. These guns are a lot different price range as well, so you would think they would have a little mercy on their mistakes or poor quality control or whatever the problem might be. To sum it up, you get a quality gun, with reliable functioning for a price that you don’t have to mortgage your home for. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a carry conceal gun or just one that would make yourself or loved one feel more at ease with one of them lonely nights when things to bump in the night.

One last thought before I get off the soap box. The other gentleman was talking about steel targets and rests and 700 rounds of various ammo. I can vouch for the different types of ammo. SCCY will shoot about anything you want to run through it without incident. I’ve never had a magazine issue with it either. As for the steel targets…well, we shoot critters here and they move and make a lot larger target, but the SCCY handles them just as well. Only legal ones mind you, but in our world, it’s a multi-purpose handgun with many notable uses and the makers should be proud of their product. Hat’s off to a company with real quality control and customer service that actually caters to the customer. Sure wish you made this gun a 45acp.

D. S. – OH, USA

Dear SCCY, I have owned numerous handguns and rifles from beretta’s to sigs for concealed carry and work. I recently purchased your cpx2cb #083835 from great lakes outdoor supply. Tested it Sunday shooting every brand of ammo I have from premium defense loads to junk tula and not one malfunction. My carry pistol WAS a sig p938. Now your cpx2 is. I am a avid competition shooter at my gun club and will be show and telling my new bargain/reliable carry pistol. Do you have any decals(or anything else) I could put up in my man cave? Thanks for making a awesome little pistol! Once the word gets out, you may need another factory!

Joe S. – Bushwhacker Creek Ranch, Sussex, WY


I recently got a new SCCY (pronounced “SKY”) CPX-2 TT 9x19mm pistol, a simple little double- action-only (DAO) gun made up of just 36 parts including the five parts in the magazine. That is about what many of the new ‘minimalist’ wonder-nine striker-fired polymer-framed pistols have: my Glocks have 35 parts each including the five magazine parts, and my Kahr PM9s have 39 parts. If my “SCCY-Gun” had the optional ambi thumb-safeties, the total parts count would still be only 41, and it has a hammer and hammer spring to boot!

To get a feel for how my new pistol functioned before I carried it concealed on my CCP, I scrounged up six friends and the seven of us shot 700 rounds of seven brands of 9x19mm ammo through it in about two weeks.

Switching back and forth between the two 10-round heavy steel magazines that came with my gun, we fired a 50-round box each of: (1) Federal LE9T1 124 gr Tactical HP, (2) Federal 9BP 115 gr HP, (3) Federal 9AP 124 gr FMJ, (4) Fiocchi 9APBHP 124 gr HP, (5) Hornady 115 gr HP, (6) Samson-IMI 115 gr FMJ, (7) Uzi 115 FMJ, (8) Speer Lawman 115 gr TMJ, (9) Speer Lawman 124 gr TMJ, (10) Speer 124 gr Gold Dot HP, (11) Winchester 115 gr Silvertip Hollow-Point (HP), (12) Winchester WCC 83 military ball, (13) Winchester USA white box 115 gr FMJ, and (14) Winchester Black Talon DP 147 gr SXT HP ammunition.

There were no hiccups or malfunctions of any kind. None. I like that.

Rather than just blasting away at the dirt berms on our range (boring), we blasted away instead at two MGM-brand steel ‘plate’ targets. At 15 yards, the smooth cam-operated CPX trigger pull made it easy to keep 10 fast shots on the two steel-plates. As with many hammer-fired DAO semi-auto pistols, the trigger reset was longer than on some striker-fired pistols like my Glocks or FNH FNS-9 pistols. But overall it was reminiscent of a good smooth PPC revolver, a DAO nine-pound trigger pull without gritty glitches, without hitches, and without stacking. I like that too.

Hitting those same two steel plates from 25 yards seemed almost as easy: the three-white-dot sights were easy to pick up and align. My shooting buddy, a Law Enforcement POST-Certified Firearms Instructor who shoots far more often and far more accurately than I do, whacked those plates with scary regularity at 50 yds, and that was two-handed offhand. Yes, he missed, but not all that often. Shooting over a sand-bag rest, prone in the back of my truck, we produced 50’ groups of around 2” to 3” center-to-center with Federal 9BP 115 gr HP ammo. Pretty good I think for a very reasonably priced (I paid $295), very small, and very lightweight 9mm pistol that actually works!

I like this little SCCY-Gun so much that I have ordered a second one. It’s a great 10-shot personal protection pistol, just the right size to toss in a pocket and always have available if needed.