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SCCY Firearms has a passion to protect its American people with a quality handgun. Every aspect of the firearm is made in-house to ensure it meets every specification and guarantees a superior pistol. SCCY’s technology combined with quality and value continuously proves that SCCY Firearms is the King of Concealed Carry.

Providing the best customer service in the industry is our top priority and passion. Our perpetual warranty ensures that you will always have the finest SCCY handgun. Your firearm will always be protected to guarantee that you have the highest-quality SCCY handgun. 100% American made by American people.

In 1998, Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm as a growing number of states enacted legislation to allow concealed-carry permits to law-abiding citizens. With more than four decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Roebuck set out to apply his skills as a Tool & Die Maker and Mechanical Design Engineer to design the CPX series of 9mm firearms.
September 2003, Roebuck founded Skyy Industries, LLC, (now known as SCCY Industries, LLC), to produce the innovative CPX line.

Our first offices and manufacturing facilities were located in South Daytona, Florida. In February 2010, we relocated to our present 21,000 sq. ft. facility located in Daytona Beach, Florida, just a half a mile from the famous Daytona 500 speedway.
Contained in SCCY’s new Daytona Beach factory are numerous state-of-the-art CNC machining centers of various types using custom tooling and programs designed by Joe Roebuck. The barrel, slide, receiver and all other major metal components are manufactured at the new facility.

It was Joe Roebuck’s vision that the CPX series firearms could be both cost-effective and precisely manufactured to be as good as—or even better than—other brand name products, without the high cost to the retail buyer.
SCCY’s success is benchmarked by producing more than 1 million firearms to date. This success continues to grow with the current introduction of the new DVG-1; SCCY’s first striker-fired pistol.

What Our Customers Say



What Our Customers Say

“The SCCY 9mm semi auto pistol… has not given me one reason to ever doubt that when the time comes that I should need to protect my family or others… My experience with the customer service department far exceeded my expectations.”


What Our Customers Say

“Just wanted to say you have an amazing product that is second to none! …thanks and I will follow you guys for years to come.”


What Our Customers Say

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you guys for awesome customer service. Thanks!!!”


What Our Customers Say

“You restored my lost faith in companies not doing what they say they are going to do… I highly recommend SCCY to anyone looking for a high quality firearm at a reasonable price and for the no hassle warranty. Thank you SCCY.”


What Our Customers Say

“Customer Service and the Warranty are second to none. Thank you again for the outstanding service. SCCY has a lifetime customer.”


What Our Customers Say

“Just a note of thanks for a fine product… Not only am I impressed by your product, buy just as importantly I have been impressed by your quality driven work and customer focused corporate attitude.”


What Our Customers Say

“I can’t say enough about your customer service, they are friendly and very helpful. I figure a wise man will always look towards the SCCY for the bright star.”