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American Rifleman NRA Gun of the Week CPX-2

Click here to read full article >>… Read more

The All-New CPX-3 Pistol

Personal Defense World reviews the SCCY CPX-3 pistol. Read the article >>… Read more

I hated subcompact pistols until I shot the SCCY CPX-2 | Review by: Matt Korovesis
The world of small carry guns is a crowded one that is dominated by a handful of big-name manufacturers. Ask any shooter what they carry and chances are you will receive a response including one of the following brand names: Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Beretta, or Kel-Tec.… Read more

GUNS Magazine – Shooter Rx

We are featured in the Shooters Rx article of April 2015 GUNS Magazine.
“As our representataive autoloading champion, we chose a SCCY CPX 9mm. This lithe little gun has a reliable pedigree and, with a round up the pipe, offers 11 shots on tap.… Read more

Citizen’s Arrest – Family Holds Burglars at Gunpoint

Watch the Fox News video of these women describing how their family apprehends suspects in a home invasion and waits for police. The pink firearm is our SCCY 9mm.… Read more

Homeowners Catch Robbers

Hear more from the family in Warrior, AL who caught suspected burglars and held them for authorities. Watch the Fox 6 video.… Read more

Not in our house! Alabama family holds alleged thieves at gunpoint

WARRIOR, Ala. (FOX 13) – An Alabama family took matters into their own hands the other day, holding a group of alleged thieves at gunpoint until authorities arrived to make an arrest. The entire ordeal was caught on camera. Watch the video clip.… Read more

Reach for the SCCY

Today’s Top 12 Concealed Carry Pocket Pistols:
An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere.
Founded in 2003, SCCY Industries manufactures pistols that are reliable, easy to use and very affordable.… Read more

SCCY’s 9mm Compact Turns Pink

The CPX-2 from SCCY (pronounced “sky”), now available in black and pink or satin stainless and pink, is an excellent addition to the compact 9mm market. It is highly affordable, but offers many features found on much pricier guns—such as the two included 10-round magazines with pinky extensions.… Read more

SCCY CPX-2 Compact, Reliable, Concealed Power

As you are starting to see, my experience at the Blue August Writer’s Conference exposed me to several new products of interest to readers of the Concealed Carry Report. One of those items is the SCCY (pronounced “Sky”) Compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol.… Read more

SCCY: The Working Man’s Carry Pistol

At the Blue August Gun and Outdoor conference, SCCY sent out some representatives to showcase their small, affordable line of pistols. Read the full story here.… Read more

Best Concealed Carry Handguns

Thanks to the editors of the Washington Times for including our SCCY CPX 2 in their Best Concealed Carry Handguns list.
SCCY Generation 2 CPX 9mm has a 3.1-inch barrel, an overall length of 5.7 inches, a width of 1 inch, a height of 4 inches and a weight of 15 ounces empty.… Read more

SCCY CPX-2 Product Review

The CPX-2 from SCCY (pronounced Sky) firearms has gotten a ton of attention over the last year due to its’ size, price, and reported reliability. Here’s what I found since I’ve owned the gun:
Reliability is the number one factor for me when it comes to firearms; if everything else about a gun is great but it’s not reliable then it’s not a gun I want to own.… Read more

Can’t Miss List 2014

Our CPX-2 is featured in Combat Handgun’s 25 Can’t Miss List for 2014.
Carry-friendly pocket 9mm cuts the price without compromising performance!
By Chad Thompson
The SCCY CPX-2 is a sub-compact, polymer-framed pistol that operates in traditional double-action-only (DAO) mode.… Read more

CPX-2 Review in Defensive Carry

Read the review of the CPX-2 on Defensive Carry:… Read more

Preview of the CPX-2

Personal Defense World reviews the CPX-2 for their March 2014 issue.
Read it here.… Read more